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Robbers attacked Nyali M.P Awiti offices and destroyed properties worth Millions.

hugs destroyed his properties at the constitutional office in Majengo Mombasa. PHOTO | AWITI FB

The Nyali member of Parliament Hezron Awiti who is famously known as  "JOBOJOBO bollo" today filed a statement at Nyali police station after thugs destroyed his properties at the constitutional office in Majengo Mombasa.

 In a press statement, Hon Awiti described the act as it was organised by his opponents after he established his bid for a gubernatorial position in Mombasa. He also added that the act of cowardice was a planned mission to destroy his name in Mombasa.

He said on his facebook page, "It is the height of cowardice that someone should organise goons to attack my private office where I run my business in Majengo, Mombasa city. But I don't take it lightly because today was the third attack where unknown people have shattered glass windows to my office. 
We have reported the matter to the police who promised to carry out investigations to get to the bottom of this matter. We are peace loving but if this is politically motivated then let the people involved know that I am not a coward and will not be cowed into shelving my quest for the top political seat in Mombasa County"

The M.P who is allegedly funding outlawed groups to disturb or cause chaos in rallies, today was in a midst of confusion. The office was found to have been broken windows and doors this morning. It is believed that the robbers did not steal anything but destroyed properties worth millions of shillings.


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