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Russian President PUTIN Participated in US elections rigging against Clinton.

PEOTUS Trump fathers' advisors at Trump Towers. PHOTO | TRUMP FB

The US intelligence now has evidence that the Russian president Vladimir Putin participated in the US elections rigging. The President Putin technology team hacked the electoral college systems and there was a misappropriation of the electoral votes. The Team was in favor of the President-Elect Donald Trump.

According to cable news and Wikileaks, President Putin participated in making the president Elect- Donald Trump to the white house.   Donald Trump who is President Putin Ally alleged to use his support from the Hillary democrat stronghold to out win the majority of Democrat supporters through technology.

It has also emerged that The US president Elect Trump used Russian spies to get the information about Democrat Candidate Hillary Clinton. The Us secret service has established where and how the Electoral college systems were compromised without knowing.

President Putin already is planning to assist US president Elect Donald Trump to get into power. The relationship between the Russia and America deteriorated in the reign of POTUS Obama. The Obama activists are the ones Trump appointed them in his Administration.


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