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"THE UNFULFILLED PROMISES OF JUBILEE." Hon Raila Odinga Posted on his Facebook page.

President Uhuru Kenyatta in rally at Central Kenya. PHOTO | PSCU

Following the grill of the deputy president at citizen Television by Hussein Mohammed, the opposition went to the roads ministry to dig some files which have valuable information about roads in Kenya. Also, they did the same with the ministry of housing and health.

The opposition found that little was done by the government in those past five as they promised. Hon. Raila Odinga posted this information on his facebook page following the one on one with the deputy president and Hussein Mohammed.

"During the campaigns ahead of the 2013 General Election, Jubilee promised to tarmac 10,000km of roads in 5 years. They claim to have done 6,000km.
However, Ministry of Roads documents indicate that the only 500km has been tendered and out of that, only 50km has been tarmacked - Jubilee is lying to the people and must not be allowed beyond August 2017!"

Is it the government which is lying or the opposition?  The people of Kenya are tired of this cat and mouse game which is being played. The deputy president announced what they have done as government but getting this shock is really terrible. The elections are at the corner, the problem here who is saying the truth?  Your vote, your government, your life.

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