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UShenzi Sitaki!! Atwoli warns Livondo and Rashid Mohamed over the weekend Luhya meeting.

Atwoli in meeting with Trade unionists at the COTU headquarters. PHOTO | BANA

Stanley Livondo accused by the trade union secretary general Francis Atwoli saying that the weekends Luhya meeting will take place at Masinde Muliro University gardens despite Livondos threat to disrupt the meeting. The former youth leader Livondo is accused of sponsoring youth in western to cause chaos.

The Luhya meeting will proceed, they have already secured a permit and the grounds. Approximately seven million Luhya elders are expected to attend the meeting. The meeting will also continue to Bukungu stadium to announce the Luhya spokesman.

The meeting is expected to be attended by all the members of parliament, Elders, youths, other representatives and Governors. The Trade unionist Atwoli added that the former ODM youth leader Rashid Mohamed has also given seven million to disrupt the meeting.

Atwoli gave out stern a warning to the Jubilee gossipers and servants that anyone who will try to disrupt the meeting will face a rough way.  That meeting will be the only point to resolve the political dispute in the area.

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