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Zahra Buhari daughter of Nigerian President Buhari ties a knot with a Nigerian Billionaires' son Ahmed Indimi.

Nigeria presidents' daughter Zahra Buhari get Married to Billionaires' son Indimi. PHOTO | NAIJA

A daughter of the Nigerian president Muhammadu Buhari got married today. Zahra Buhari got married to a son of Nigeria's billionaire Indimi.  Ahmed Indimi is the son of oil magnate billionaire Mohammed Indimi.

In the presence at the wedding, the South African Minister of Sports and Recreation, Fikile Mbabula came with the groom's friends and brothers. The wedding people predicted to be a royal wedding but ended up to be a normal and ordinary wedding.

The daughter of President Buhari comes from a very rich family. Buhari is a multi-billionaire who has oil fields in Nigeria. The father of Ahmed, Mohammed Indimi has Several oil fields in Nigeria and Algeria. He is a billionaire too. The wedding was attended by very few people from both families. Only 50 invited guest were present. No one was allowed to take photo apart from the Presidential Media.

Watch full wedding now.

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