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Doctors and Nurse Strike Continues as the Talks reached a stalemate.

Baby Rehema was born 3 days ago with a congenital abnormality of an imperforate abuse with infertile hydrocele.  PHOTO | Courtesy FB

The Doctors and Nurses strike continues as the government declined to accept the tabled CBO by the KMPDU. The meeting which was done yesterday did not bore any fruits hence postponed. Today they met at the Mombasa statehouse to discuss further the doctors and nurses cry but the government did not accept the 300% increase but gave them an offer which the doctors rejected earlier.

The stiff tough talk table rendered some KMPDU members withdrawn from the meeting. The government which had a representative from the Ministry of Health, Finance and Trade who also accompanied by the staff from salaries and remuneration commission stuck on the previous offer saying that the 300% increase will lead to National budget constraints.

The president also participated in the talk despite a tight schedule where he was to launch and flag many projects in the County today. The Strike continues as it reached a stalemate where both parties did not agree to lose the case.

Through the KMPDU secretary general Dr Ouma Oluga on a press briefing, he said, "The Doctors agreed to continue with the strike till the government meet their demands. The strike will continue for an unknown period, that is if it will be for another week, a month or a whole year. "

Here are some of the strike effects from the Mombasa Coast general Hospital.


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