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President Kenyatta allegedly tempted to commit suicide due to CS AU vote loss.

Cs Amina Mohammed in an international trade Meeting in NAirobi. PHOTO | Courtesy

CS Amina Mohamed election loss is a big headache to the Jubilee government and its principles. The president who have been campaigning heavily on the cabinet secretary to hold the higher office became futile after the neighbors declined the offer from the president.

The Majority of the countries that did not vote for the Kenyan candidate had genuine reasons. The main reason is all about the high rate of Government looting public funds.
Some of the presidents were heard talking about giving the AU chair to Immature and corrupt individuals who tattered their respective government with Graft stains. The statements made some allegations that was reported by Fox news that president Kenyatta attempted to commit suicide in a toilet chamber in Addis Ababa.

The president went to Addis Ababa to campaign for Cs Amina Mohamed while leaving young men and brothers in Hospitals and others mourning after loosing their loved ones in the Somali Border attack. There were enough reasons why the African leaders were not able to vote for the cabinet secretary because of the conditions in Kenya.

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