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"Ababu Namwamba is Politically dead in Budalangi" Says Wanjala.

M.P Raphael Wanjala led Bungalangi team to Baba Raila Odinga. PHOTO Courtesy RAO

At Capital hill Nairobi, the ODM leader welcomed the member of parliament for Budalangi Constituency Hon Raphael Wanjala. The Budalangi M.P was accompanied by a team from his area representing the voters. This comes after the disappearance in the political arena of the ODM former secretary general AbabuNamwamba.

<!-- medianet --.  The team from Budalangi will be in the NASA meeting today. They will be expected to provide their views on the National Super Alliance (NASA) format and how to reach the people of Budalangi. The M.P will hit the last nail on the head of the Third force team led by Hon. Ababu Namwamba.

The voters have vowed to end the political life of the former ODM secretary general. The crew which is led by Raphael Wanjala will make the area be in the NASA party. Hon Raila Odinga welcomed them and directed them to the ODM chairman Hon John Mbadi.

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