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"Barons and cartels should be killed." says Mombasa Jubilee Gubernatorial aspirant Shahbaal.

 Mombasa Governor Hassan Joho chairing a meeting in the MOWASCO hall. PHOTO | MPSCU.
The fight against barons takes a different angle. The fight has been politicised to demean and left the real cartels. Africa has been the second hub in the world and a transit for illegal substances.

The barons war with the government takes a new shape as the politicians make personal attacks. The war between the Deputy president and Mombasa governor led to the Jubilee aspirant Suleiman Shabaal made some shocking remarks. The Jubilee executive shocked the Nation when he said, "the suspects that the Government is trying arrest should be terminated(Killed)."

In Tanzania, the war against barons has involved Members of Parliament, heads of Political parties and Religious leaders. The supply and distribution of these substances were done in religious and holy places, all in the name of making money. The Tanzania President Pombe Maghufuli has directed all the suspects to be locked in the Tanzanian jails without bails or bonds.

Do you think the law will take care of these cartels? The former president Mwai Kibaki started the fight only to find the Artur brothers controlling the Nations' security with an aim of rescuing containers of the Substances. The war has never been easy because it involves big people in the government. The majority of people think that the deputy president William Ruto brought the matter into the limelight because of votes.

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