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Drought now is a national Calamity and has raised Living Standards.

NASA leaders got together at Bomet, Welcomed by Governor Isaac Ruto. PHOTO | George Charo
People have been struggling for daily for feeding young ones. The cost of living has raised to an alarming rate. The cost of the Maize flour and wheat flour has raised more than 10% in two months time.

The Government is silent and only looking for Drug baron leaving hundred of Kenyans to suffer. According to the latest statistics, the drought calamity has affected more than 20 Counties in Kenya. This is equivalent to half of the country.

President Uhuru Kenyatta now needs to intervene on the current situation in the country to avoid more deaths. The country has been in a mayhem situations. The worst thing about the drought calamity is the time. The current time has a very Negative impact in the country because of the Politics. As it is the election year, the politicians and leaders who are to assist in evading the situations are busy campaignings.

The country has also been hit by Al-Shabaab several times this year. The Kenyan soldiers are in despair and need help from the relevant authorities who are busy campaigning. Now it is only for those who are well off to take food to their tables leaving the poor hustling.

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