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Former FKF President Sam Nyamwea Steal 2 million Arbadares clubs money.

Nick Mwendwa blames banks for allowing Sam Nyamwea withdraw money. PHOTO | BANA

The former FKF president Sam Nyamwea now is in big trouble. The former president withdrew 2 Million shillings from Standard chartered bank. The amount of money from the bank accounts were to be transferred back to the FKF main account. The old accounts were to be closed according to the FKF officials.

The Former president withdrew money without permissions from the current bosses. The money was meant for paying Aberdares clubs and the direct partners. The FKF has a lot of misunderstanding with their fellow KFF.

There has been a lot of drama between the two parties following the elections of the President Nick Mwendwa. The president dissolved the KFF due to mismanagement of funds.

The former president has a lot of cases in the high court following corruption allegation and misuse of office.  The FKF has demanded the bank to provide a statement on what made them allow Mr Nyamwea withdrew such amount after they gave them a letter of accounts closure. They also wanted to understand how he withdrew and he was withdrawn from being among the signatories.

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