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Hon Aisha Jumwa to decamp from ODM to Jubilee following Ally Senate Aspirant Kennedy Nyale Crossing Over.

Aisha Jumwa with Cord Leader Raila Odinga hugging after she was realised from Prison. PHOTO | Courtesy
The Coast region politics are changing day by day. According to the lastest polls held between 20-26th February, 2016 shows Jubilee support has increased by 10% in 4 counties. Kwale and Kilifi are in the lead with 3% and 4% respectively.

This has been a result of people decamping from NASA to Jubilee. The lastest decamp from ODM to Jubilee is the Kilifi senatorial aspirant Kennedy Nyale. Nyale who is a friend to the ODM malindi Aspirant Hon Aisha Jumwa moved from ODM to Jubilee fearing unfair ODM nominations in the county.

According to latest sources, it is also seen that MAMA aisha Jumwa will decamp to Jubilee following the fight with the ODM ticket in Malindi consituency with Hon Willy Baraka Mtengo.

Jubilee has accumuluted strong members of ODM from the coast which includes Kilifi north Mp Gideon Mung'aro, Msambweni M.p Mwashetani, Taita Taveta women  Representive, Rabai consistuency aspirant, Kilifi North M.P, Ganze M.p, Mining cabinet secretary Dan Mzee e.t.c

Their has been a notion that people should move to the government. The truth is next government will be elected in 8th August, 2017. The main contestants are NASA and Jubilee. Any of the parties may form the next government.

The ODM wrangles are making people move away from the party and left the incumbents following the fears of unfair elections. The ODM will loose so many seats in the coming elections in the NASA party because of just unfair elections. The leaders that people need always decamp from the party because of Nominations and frusrations from the incumbents.


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