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Hon. Gideon Mung'aro adds Hon. Ken Nyale on His Jubilee Basket in Kilifi due to ODM mediocracy.

Ken Nyale with Gideon Mung'aro in Rabai. Mung'aro welcomes Nyale in Jubilee. PHOTO | Courtesy
Kilifi North Mp Hon Gideon Mung'aro welcomes Kilifi Aspirant senator Ken Nyale in Rabai. 26/02/2017. PHOTO | Courtesy JOJO

The Kilifi North M.P Hon. Gideon Mung'aro has added more leaders who are decamping ODM to Jubilee in Kilifi. The leaders are Senate aspirant Ken Nyale and Hon Mung'aros' running mate Kenneth Mwakombo Kamto. It is in contrary to what is happening in Rift Valley where people are decamping Jubilee to KANU and CCM. In a meeting yesterday at Rabai, Hon Mung'aro urged the people of Kilifi to change the notion of Voting for a party than for the ability of a person.

The Kilifi ODM leaders have frustrated and showed an effort of holding a corrupt and unfair Nominations. according to our sources in Kilifi, the ODM offices have now been compromised by Kilifi Demi- gods who now run the party as a private entity.

Some of the frustrations were posted on social media demonstrating undemocratic nature of the ODM Party in Kilifi county. Here is what the incoming and aspirant senator Kennedy Nyale famously "Ken" posted.

My dear People of Kilifi County.
  My dear People of Kilifi County, I bring you honest and sincere greetings.
Today, I address you out of the fullness of my heart. Recall that mid last year, out of extreme loyalty to Raila A. Odinga, I joined the ODM along with other very many aspirants aspiring for political leadership in our county and country at large.I did pay the mandatory Kshs 20,000.00 life membership fee and a further Kshs 250,000.00 nomination application fee barely 6 months ago. 

I also went ahead to personally register more than 30,000 ODM members ready for the party primaries set for April. This shows how serious and ready I was to take on the incumbent who has completely lost touch with the Kilifi electorate.
He has absolutely zero support on the ground and was headed to make history as the first senator under the 2010 devolution constitution to be vanquished at the nomination stage! The incumbent doesn’t have the numbers and just as he did in 2013, solely depends on party euphoria/wave to survive the 2017 election!
Ever since, as the true nature and motives of ODM are unveiled, particularly with regard to the much anticipated party primaries, I have continued to twist and turn in extreme mental and emotional agony.

Intelligence reports reaching indicated that there were plans by the party leadership, particularly at the coast to rig me out in favour of the incumbent simply because:-

1. The incumbent has been a very loyal ODM party member ever since his defection from Nyachae’s Ford People Party.
2. The incumbent has been contributing religiously to the party coffers.
3. The incumbent was sometime deputy ODM party leader’s (read 001) family lawyer and personal friend to the family.
4. The incumbent has not been vocal and critical of KCG leadership despite several corruption and nepotism allegations levelled against it.
5. Looking at other counties where many senators are planning to unseat sitting governors, the current Kilifi senator appears very much satisfied with his senatorial seat and therefore, unlike Ken Nyale, is not ambitious and thus not a threat to the status quo and their succession plan come 2022.
6. ODM as party agreed that all its incumbents who have been loyal to the governor and party must retain their seats as whatever cost.

To crown it all, those closer to the Kilifi governor AJK ( read Kingi Mwiru and the like ) are of the opinion that the incumbent has been and still is ‘ user friendly’ and ‘safe hands’ compared to Ken Nyale. He has never criticised the governor during his 5 year tenure but Ken Nyale doesn’t look like he is going to keep quiet. Ken Nyale doesn’t look like he is going to play ball and look the other side as county resources are squandered by afew , tenders awarded to afew friends KCG leadership cronies, jobs given to a certain community, tenders are awarded to and paid selectively , projects undertaken in selected regions, resources misappropriated etc.

To them, Ken Nyale appears clever and aggressive compared to the incumbent. This is the main reason the owners of ODM in Kilifi county decided to hatch plans to ensure I am not on the ballot box come August. I couldn’t stomach this. I must be at the ballot come August at any cost. I would like the Kilifians to decide whether they want a senator who will play his oversight effectively or a dormant one who is going to play puppet to the KCG leadership. They agreed “better the devil you know….”.

High profile local ODM party officials meetings have been held in private in Mkomani ( Tamarind Restaurant) to discuss Ken Nyale Vs the incumbent ODM senate seat nomination certificate with view to saving the old man. Efforts have been made behind the curtains to ensure finally the certificate is handed to him in April.

After carefully studying, interacting and analysing the leadership of the party, I have come to the sad conclusion that the ODM has its owners.
ODM as a party preaches water but drinks wine. The letter D in ODM should not represent “Democratic” but “Deal Making”. In this house Orange house, if you are not closer to the local party leadership, if you are not close friends to the party operatives ( read Kingi Mwiru and the likes) , if you don’t give hand-outs to the party operatives, if you appear aggressive and not easy to play ball, be prepared to hit a brick wall during the party primaries set for next.
It was quite frustrating and intimidating to see the self-proclaimed ‘ ODM co-ordinator and chief campaigner of the sitting governor who also doubles up as the ODM Kilifi county Chairman Amason Kingi openly going round with the incumbent campaigning for him in broad daylight! 

When I confronted the governor about his campaigners activities, he admitted that what he was doing was wrong and went ahead to say that he had severally prevailed upon him to stop in vain - A whole governor and chairman of party unable to control his campaigner /party co-ordinator - can you believe this,
I therefore, on behalf of my teaming supporters and my humble self-denounce the party and last Saturday resigned my membership of the ODM. I wash my hands off this blackmail.

In the light of the above
, I wish to urge all My Supporters, the Good People of Kilifi to join hands with other well-meaning Kenyans to massively vote for the Jubilee Party and the Transformation Agenda that has brought so much relief and succour to the greatest number of Kenyans.
I also urge all Kilifi to vote for the Mungaro - Kamto - Nyale - Kilifi County Dream Team come August 2017! This team will surely deliver good governance to the Kilifians.

Thank You and God Bless You All Abundantly.
“Senator Mtakiwa” - Ken Nyale.

The county government has used a lot of money in moving from one area to the other inspecting incomplete projects. The Critics from Kilifi said that the plan from the governor Amason Kingi is to divert the attention of the region but in the real sense, the governor is using the county resources for the campaign.

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