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"Jubilee stole BVR kits not Al-Shabaab." Says Raila Odinga.

Raila Odinga at the stage in North-Eastern Region lobbying for votes. PHOTO | Rodgers Odhiambo

At Garissa, the former prime minister urged the residents to take voters card as to equip them in the coming elections. The opposition leaders led by the Garissa Governor urged the residents to take voters cards to kick out the Jubilee government.

According to Hon. Raila Odinga, the government has used Al-Shabaab as an escape, hiding what they do at night. The former prime said that the Government stole the BVR kits in order to add voters in the IEBC system. He also said that the Al-Shabaab do no have anything to do with the BVR. He said, " what will al-Shabaab do with BVR kits?"

The statement was backed up by the ANC leader Hon Musalia Mudavadi at the Amani national congress party headquarters. The Government has now decided to steal their own pieces of equipment and close Kenyans eyes that they were stolen by Alshaab.

Hon. Raila Odinga also talked about the IEBC commissioners conduct. "The opposition would like to let the government not to use the former IEBC commissioners in any way. The opposition needs two current commissioners to be sacked because they infringe the commissions' work while sabotaging the voter registration." Hon. Raila Odinga said in Garissa.

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