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KANU to Join JUBILEE and support Uhuru Kenyattas' presidential bid.

KANU to join the race with president Uhuru Kenyatta as their president. PHOTO | Courtesy

KANU party has rubbished claims that it will join NASA party. According to the KANU chairman Gideon Moi, KANU party has found a solution to the stalemate that led MOI moving up and down the two big parties looking for a hand in the coming general elections.

The Old party had a meeting with its members and agreed to support president Uhuru Kenyatta in the coming elections. The President met the former president Daniel Moi to plea for support from the Moi juniour. The President Uhuru Kenyattas' Mother Mama Ngina also visited Former president Moi place in Eldoret consulting about the whereabouts of KANU.

According to the KANU secretary general Nick Salat, the party officials have divided on the agreement between the party and Jubilee. Nine members also voted against joining Jubilee presidential aspirant Uhuru Kenyatta. The Members led by Salat dismissed claims that they were consulted by their head to join hands with Jubilee.

The KANU secretary general Nick Salat was spotted in the NASA meetings but the today's gathering was a shock to the NASA KANU affiliates. According to the Secretary general the series of meetings held between MOI, Mama Ngina and president Uhuru Kenyatta are the ones changed the scene. " Our Chairman has had good time with the government of the day and without any quarrels, we will support the president." Said Salat.


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