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Kenyan Mps Criminalize body contact with an Opposite s£x.Men to face heavy fines for women ogling.

Do not look or stare at me or else end up in Jail. Kenyan MPs criminalise staring and ogling. PHOTO | BANA

Ogling is a natural phenomenon for healthy people. Getting closer to someone to marry starts with first seeing, appreciates Gods nature, twinkle eyes and later talk. It is body language. Some people fear to talk and they are assisted through body language.

The Bill sponsored by Busia County Woman Representative Florence Mutua speaks about heavy fines on men who will be ogling. Things to consider here is about men indecency. The law talks about contact or staring at a woman. Genital, breasts, buttocks or exposure should not contact any woman in a public place, otherwise, any contact will lead to five Years jail.

The bill does not describe women who are ogling. Sometimes even women admire such handsome men and salivate too. The bill did not touch on circumstances at which indecency to men mean.

Some of the feedback from the ground shows that the Kenyan voters sent poor quality leaders who have idle minds. " How will you seduce a woman without admiring her? How will you know that is the best woman for you without looking at her? The same applies to women who will need handsome men without admiring them. "

Amina from Mombasa advocates for woman decency because Men admire by seeing. If women will not be decent then it means the prisons will be full of innocent Men and very soon the country will be full of gays and lesbians. A woman feels good when she is touched or in contact or being admired. "
Kimani says, " If the jobless MPs think that will work fine. But they need to make sure that there are Matatus, Markets, Roads, Religious places and parliament for ladies Only and Men only. "

  Some of the Members of parliament did not agree what Busia county  woman representative suggested and tabled before the parliament.
“It is not fair for our female colleagues to insinuate that when I am looking them, like the way I am looking them now, it means that am desiring them,” David Wafula (Saboti) said.

“How would she know my eyes are lustf when they are not. I may be seeing her as a sister,” North Imenti MP Rahim Dawood also interjected as MPs got excited by remarks from women MPs.

Do not look or stare at me or else end up in Jail. Kenyan MPs criminalise staring and ogling. PHOTO | BANA
Do not stare or you end up in Jail. PHOTO| BANA
Angwenyi on his part added:”Is the Honourable Member, in order to challenge God who gave us eyes to look at people and things, to admire, so that we can make advances if necessary.”

Machakos County Woman Representative Susan Musyoka had earlier used popular Bongo song by AY and Diamond Platinumz ‘Kula kwa Macho’ to illustrate the discomfort women go through as some men lustfully undress them as they go about their business.

“They look at a woman, undress her and even do the act without even touching the woman, so this should not be allowed. It makes you very uncomfortable about your work and then when I hear it being sang in the FM stations, that song of ‘Kula kwa Macho’, it is so explicit,” she said amid cheers from her male counterparts.

The fight against the idle woman representative did not last for long because of furious men on the parliament floor. But unfortunately, the bill moved to second reading which it maybe passed  later before their term ends.


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