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Kilifi County provinsional administration allegedly assisting proffessional land grabbers.

Kilifi residents with Musalia Mudavadi talking about land problems. PHOTO courtesy

The people of Kilifi are wondering and shocked to find private developers take their residential places where they have stayed for decades only to realise they are not owners as perceived by the government of the day. The Timboni land in Shariani, Vipingo which is allegedly bought by Kenya Ports Authority ten years ago is one of the scenes Kilifi residents are fighting for.

Who are the 426 acres of land occupied by Timboni residents in Kilifi county? Is it real Kenya Ports authority of pure professional land grabbers who get a shield from provisional administration and the County commissioners office?

The residents have vowed to secure that land in whichever method. Some of the residents said, the Coastal people are friendly and have no fight with anybody. But the situation has reached an alarming rate especial in Kilifi South and North sub-counties. One of the leaders said that if it will reach a point where we will be frustrated with the administration then the only results will bloodshed.

The residents have stayed in the piece of land for close to 200 years and today the piece of land belongs to KPA. That means KPA bought that land 200 years ago. The shocking information and questions are who sold the land to KPA in the last 200 years?

There has been a message being circulated regarding the piece of land to the residents preparing themselves for a legal fight between the Administration and KPA. They ask themselves if the officials who purported to come from KPA provided any Job identification documents? It is alleged that the Police officers from Kijipwa have been engaged to provide security to the officials who had their contractor who was given a tender of constructing a perimeter wall.

The residents claim that negotiations have not been concluded and already they are forcing to evacuate them and erect a perimeter wall.According to Human rights Defender and activists, they advocate for the KPA to engage in negotiations with the residents to resolve the problem. If not them what will happen next it will be the administration to be blamed.

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