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Maasai leaders vowed to frustrate Jubilee in Rift Valley, Maasai land is NASA zone.

NASA claimed the votes battlefields are their. Odinga welcomes Ali Mwakwere in his office. PHOTO | Courtesy

The ODM leader Raila Odinga claimed that the voter's battlefield as allegedly by the IEBC are NASA zones. The counties that the political analysts too said they are battlefield were claimed by the ODM leader saying that the allegations were false. The counties which include Kajiado, TransNzoia, Kisii, Garissa and Turkana are NASA strongholds also claimed by other opposition leaders.

Today in Kajiado, the ODM leader welcomed some leaders from the Masaai land to the party. The leaders who decamped from Jubilee made a strong statement that they will make sure that Jubilee does not get any votes from the region. The Rift valley region is not a Jubilee zone because Turkana and Kajiado and its environments are NASA zones.

ODM leader also answered the claims from deputy president that they only need leadership and are power hungry. "If the deputy president does not need power or leadership then he should go home and sleep. The country needs good leaders who will take this country far but not such corrupt people leading the nation." Said Raila Odinga.

The deputy president is in the coast region for vote hunting. The deputy president also welcomed Kaloleni MP aspirant Mr Kitsao at Mariakani, Kilifi. The Coast region is alleged to be NASA zone but the government has tried to acquire more leaders from the area in supporting their bid for making the next government.


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