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NASA leaders signed a deal that will diminish Jubilee dreams of making the Next government.

NASA party officials have signed a deal today that will make them united. PHOTO | George Charo

NASA party officials have signed a deal today that will make them united. The NASA leaders have made a big step in the process of getting close to the presidential flag bearer.

Our Sources are familiar with the meetings that carried out the deal that will reveal the alliance’s line-up, and the process that will see the winner of the nominations become the presidential flag-bearer and his running mate becomes the alliance's choice of Deputy President in the case of victory.

The breaking news of the deal include proposals for the position of Chief Minister, which, according to Opposition insiders, would go to the NASA ticket aspirant who emerges third in the alliance’s presidential nominations.

National Super Alliance (NASA) leaders will this morning sign a power-sharing agreement that will enable them to be winners in the August 8 elections. The agreement out the method for sharing top seats in case of victory.

 The agreement which the NASA co-principals met last night to discuss following fears it had leaked and had caused jitters within some party's key supporters, requires that in victory, a NASA president exercises a power of executive decree to create the office of Chief Minister.

 Then NASA will seek a constitutional amendment to transform the office of Chief Minister into that of Prime Minister as it was under the Grand Coalition Government between 2008-2013.

The Government through the Deputy president William Ruto has answered the call of a power-sharing deal signed by the Opposition leaders. The deputy president said in Mariakani that the opposition is busy fabricating deals in order to serve their lives. The government is worried about the Opposition because of the tyranny of numbers.


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