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Plain truth about ODM in the Coast region. ODM to loose the majority of seats because of County party officials.

Hon Raila Odinga in Turkana preaching about NASA and ODM. PHOTO | Courtesy RAO

The Coast ODM secretariat is corrupt and abuses their office. It was discovered that ODM is not a free and fair political party to vie for any seat in the coast region if you are new to politics. The ODM county offices are compromised by the Coast jubilee leaders and the ODM "Kings". The plain and only hurting truth about Coast ODM officials will cost the party heavily during the general election.

The coast region is known for supporting ODM and as the main party in the region. Coast region is an ODM stronghold since the 2007- elections. The truth now about ODM in the region has changed because of it leaders and chaotic Nominations.

According to the Kilifi county women representative Aisha Jumwa, the Kilifi ODM office is compromised by the Jubilee leaders. The main purpose of these leaders is to have weak candidates to contest for them to fail and Jubilee candidates to win.  Another major reason as depicted by MS Jumwa is the Kilifi county Governor Amason Kingi has already placed his people to receive certificates after nominations whether they pass or not.

It is clear that the Kilifi County governor did the same thing in 2013.He gave his allies MCA ODM nomination certificates and unfortunately all of them were voted out in Magarini. Now the same trend is seen to overhaul the ODM offices and compromise the leaders.

It is now clear that the ODM nominations will not be free and fair elections because the certificates have already been allocated to specific people. According to the sources, All the current ODM leaders have secured the certificates without being Nominated.

The Coast region got four ODM governors and senators. This time round, according to the political temperatures on the ground, it shows only Mombasa Governor will remain in the seat with an ODM ticket. If there will be no fair party nominations then, ODM will loose largely in the area.

The people which the ground do not like and a perceived as people rejects are the ones fighting and secured ODM nomination certificates. Some of them are the Kisauni Member of Parliament Rashid Bedzimba, Kilifi Senator Steward Madzayo, Taita Taveta governor John Mruttu and Kwale Gubernatorial aspirant Ali Mwakwere.

The named leaders have compromised the Orange county offices and people have vowed to take them down. The voice of the people on the ground says that other parties should assist their aspirants because they have higher chances because this election will not be for Six pieces like 2013.

They sent a message to the ODM leader Raila Odinga saying that people at the Coast love ODM but only if there will be free and fair nominations. The leaders that went to power because of Six pieces will be filtered out. "We are now looking at the six Oranges we took to the office and filter all bad oranges. It is better to have one Orange than having Six oranges while others are rotten. We have discovered some of them were not deserved for those offices especially Kilifi Senator Madzayo. He will be the first one to go home whether he secures the ODM certificate or not." William Kenga said from Langobaya.

"We rather elect from Wiper, FordKenya, Kadu Asili, ANC, TipTip, an independent candidate, CCM, even Jubilee if the ODM will not clean the secretariat. Madzayo has not even greeted us since 2013 so the whole of this sub-county is against him whether he now comes or not." Rashid Menza said from Mariakani.

"Ali Mwakwere is not good to hold ODM certificate in the south coast. If they insist on holding Mwakwere for the coming elections, then we will get back Governor Mvurya even if he is in Jubilee. The rest we will filter which are bad oranges and good Oranges." Ali Salim said from Msambweni.

The plain truth about ODM is that the party has not been in any circumstance hold free and fair Nominations. All the areas in the Coast region are only looking forward on the Nominations. If there will be free and fair Nominations then ODM will be back in 2018 as a strong party in the Coast region.

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