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Politics in Rift Valley Region welcomes a wide political Rift intiated by KANU and CCM.

Moi and Salat talking about Rift Valley politics in Bomet. PHOTO | Kiptoo

Chama Cha Mashinani(CCM) led by the Bomet governor is now receiving a lot of support from so many leaders and supporters decamping Jubilee to CCM. In the Rift valley, the CCM leader and Bomet governor Isaac Ruto told bana sources the deputy presdientWilliam Ruto will have no space in the Rift Valley.

The KANU and CCM parties today announced a tough war with Jubilee in the area. The leaders vowed not to have Jubilee governors, Senators or MPs in Rift Valley. KANU will only support the presidential flag bearer Uhuru Kenyatta while CCM will support NASA flagbearer but the ground will be  CCM and KANU.

"Ruto does not have peoples' votes in his pockets. We will show him how Rift Valley is. He has been taking people here a ride. Farmers from the Central region have their debt relieved and waived by the Uhurus Government while our farmers in Rift Valley are always crying. Then you stand in front of people and claim you have all the Rift Valley votes." Said Gideon Moi.

The leaders from the Rift Valley have also vowed not to support the deputy president William Ruto in the 2022 elections. A section of Mt. Kenya distant themselves from supporting the deputy president in 2022 elections.

According to our political sources, the Mama Ngina Visit to the former president Daniel Moi and three visits of the president Uhuru Kenyatta will fold a very interesting move in the Rift Valley. The majority of the leaders from the region decamped the Government party to CCM, NASA and KANU.

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