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"Some of the Jubilee members gives out sacks of Money in Harambees and 'sperm donors.' " Says Raila Odinga.

Hon Raila Odinga smashed the last nail on the deputy presidents' head following the drought situation the country. The former prime minister said that the government leaders contributes to Harambee sacks of notes while the Country is largely affected by hunger. He that in Garissa township.

The former prime minister attacked the deputy president and the president for not being responsible following the massive graft allegations and strikes. He also added that the deputy president is an irresponsible dad and a sperm donor. Jokingly, "Deputy president move around distributing children and steal taxpayers money. We want to kick out the thieves if you have voters cards and vote in the coming elections." Odinga said.

Raila Odinga answered the deputy president at Garissa upon being received by H. E Nathif Jama (Governor, Garissa) and ODM National Organizing Secretary Hon Abdikadir Aden (MP, Balambala) for voter sensitization following the yesterday statements that the NASA team have been in the Government for 105 years without any developments while only 7 years of the Jubilee government has changed the country.

There has been one on one words exchange between the NASA leaders and Jubilee counterparts.  The Kenyan political temperatures have killed the business and led to companies massively laying off its employees.

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