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"Sorry, No extension to the voter registration," Says IEBC chairman Chebukati.

The majority leader Adan Duale answering MPs who asked about Voter registration extension. PHOTO | BANA

The IEBC chairman Wafula Chebukati has issued a statement, directed to the Members of Parliament who wanted the voter registration extended. The Chairman said that the commission has no time to play with registration exercise because they need time to clean the register.

The IEBC chairman said, " There will be no extension whatsoever. People should register in the remaining days otherwise, they will be locked out of the coming elections."  The Members of parliament especial from the pastoralists communities said that it will be a favour to extend the registration because their communities keep on moving with their livestock so the registration should be done where they will be.

The Majority leader Adan Duale seconded the IEBC Chairman Chebukati statement saying that they need time to handle other matters like procurement, Cleaning register and human resource for the elections date.  The Majority leader also commented on his fellow members of parliament from pastoralist communities request saying that they had enough time to do that.

The Parties are expected to submit their memberships and members by mid-April to the IEBC. Parties have been told to start preparing for Nominations as the electoral commission will not extend the period allocated. "The Nomination should be done as early as possible so by the beginning of April, the Nominated or Aspirants should be submitting their final information." Says the Commission.

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