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"Tapping phone conversations will be used to harrass voters, hence conducting incredible and unfair elections." NASA claims.

Raila Odinga in Meru, talking about government plans to rig election through phone tapping. PHOTO | Courtesy RAO

The NASA coalition claims that the tapping of private text and voice calls to the public without the knowledge of the consumer is against the constitution. People are living in a free country where tapping people conversations are against the law. The Opposition has argued that if it will be necessary to tap information on the citizen's devices then they should be involved.

NASA technical team further claims that the tapping of the private conversation(text and voice) and data will be used to gag key political players in the run-up to the elections, which will have a negative effect on the exercise of the right to vote and choose freely in terms of Article 38 of the Constitution. "Tapping phone conversations will be used to harass or initiate negative thoughts to voters during general elections, hence conducting incredible and unfair elections," NASA claims.

The application reads, “The intended interested party Coalition for Reforms and Democracy is a highly reputable political party whose intention in this matter is nothing but ensuring that free and fair elections are carried out and with the democratically elected representatives in office."According to the KNHRC, the move will enable people to dismiss the communication devices as some people are using these devices to talk about family matters.

" I'm talking with my wife that the morning glory style was not good. We need to go somewhere and do it differently. Now, somebody somewhere will be busy listening and recording everything. This is not fair. if they have failed to track cartels now they want an excuse and an escape door."Says one of the KNHCR commissioners.

In the case, the court stopped the government’s plan to tap into private phone conversations. High Court Judge John Mativo granted the orders following an application filed by activist Okiya Omtatah. According to the activist, the government will not be for the people but for the business of milking the common citizen to the last drop. As the CA claims that people use this device to spread hatred messages and calls which divide the country. Omtatah further claims that the directive issued by the Communications Authority of Kenya (CA) will infringe on peoples' privacy and is also a violation of the Constitution that Kenyans voted for.


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