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The Government now to listen to citizens phone calls and read phone messages.

NCIC chairman Ole Kaparo in Eldoret for a past function. PHOTO Courtesy

The Government has ordered the phone companies to interject and monitor all phone calls and text messages. The telephone companies have been given only 48 hours to comply with the regulations.

According to the Communication Authority of Kenya (CA) director Mr Francis W. Wangusi, the authority has given them 48 hours to comply or else the telephone companies frequencies will be revoked.

The Government is also planning to switch off the Social media and the internet in the month of August following citizens anger to the government being expressed through Social media. The NCIC chairman has also seconded that hate speech and incitement is majorly spread in social media.

The Government has decided to take such actions to control the use of handsets and other communication devices. The NCIC, CA and the ministry of information Technology will collaborate to ensure that no information or communication that is secret in Kenya. The information will also pass through the National Intelligence department for further scrutiny. 


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