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Willy Paul Msafi Weds Jamaican Reggae Artsist Alaine.

Willy Paul Weds Alaine. PHOTO courtesy

Some people were shocked today hearing about the celebrations that were held last weekend at one of the best hotels in Nairobi. The popular and controversial gospel artist Willy Paul wedded a Jamaican reggae artist Alaine. The secret wedding happened last weekend which involved only friends and family.

It is alleged that the gospel artist did not get married but only showing off in an upcoming video clip. They haters also said that Willy Paul was imitating Bahati after he did a wonderful wedding for a show/video.

It is also allegedly that Alaine left a husband in Jamaican with a child. According to the Willy Pauls' song (Sijafika), it means Alaine is will not be the last one and to Willy Paul, likewise. May God bless the wedding and their new life in Marriage.

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