Raila Odinga with Chirao ali Mwakwere in the Capitol hill Office. Photo | courtesy

The political Parties have only eight days remaining to register new members. The transfer window will be closed for aspirants decamping.It is Special to the wiper party claiming that it has received many defectors from both ODM and Jubilee.

The wiper party through their secretary general Omar Hassan has welcomed the Kwale county gubernatorial aspirant Ali Chirao Mwakwere.  The wiper party has swiped the majority of prospecting leaders in Ukambani.

The majority has decamped from Jubilee to join ODM while some wiper. Most parties that have received highly expectant candidates include wiper, ODM, KANU, ANC and CCM. The Majority who decamped to jubilee from the NASA zones will be voted out during the general elections.

Ali Mwakwere will be expected to attend his first rally at Ukunda in Kwale. The leader met Hon Raila Odinga at his capitol hill office for discussions but our sources say, Odinga's expectation were had for Mwakwere to adhere to.

The Kwale county governor Salim Mvurya is really vocal to the residents of Kwale and with a good track record. The former Ambassador will be expected to sink in the waters of the current governor and persuade people of Kwale. The track records of the two leaders show that Hon Ali Chirao Mwakwere has a very long way to go compared to Hon. Salim Mvurya.

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