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If you are a man living in this 21st century, have you ever think of ways of how to make your woman happy?  For the Woman, what are these special aspects that will make her happy? According to the Good Men project, there is research conducted in Texas, US and identified several aspects that we will go through.

The majority of Men think that getting under the sheets with a woman solves everything when under pressure or any influence. This notation does not guarantee the Man that everything is good. Slow and vigorous excitements boil happiness, cools temper and wipes tears.

It takes only incredible Men and Women know what they want and like in the relationship. Wouldn’t it be incredible if men and women knew how to make each other happier? the research was conducted to hundreds of women about what makes them happy in a relationship. This is what they came up with from the research.

1. Believe in Yourself as a man.

While women love a bold man, we don’t expect a man to be confident all the time. everyone has inbuilt and self-doubt, the women love when a man is invulnerable and willingness to share the fears. Women always want to believe in yourself as a man because if you don’t, it’s hard for the woman to take pride in you. This is not a gender thing. Women who believe in and love themselves are more appealing to emotionally healthy men, too.

2. Take care of your appearance.

 Most women put a lot of effort into their looks. Women get expensive haircuts, put on makeup, and buy nice clothes and lingerie to feel good about themselves and to look good for the guy. Most of the women love it when a man puts effort into appearance, too.  And if the man is clueless about fashion, then let the woman take you shopping. It would be a fun date night, and those new clothes might just turn the women on…

3. Romance first.

 It’s not classy to ask a woman about s£x on a first date or speak about your “big equipment” and how we’ll be pleased with whatever is down there. Women always appreciate a little romance. The Romance talked about here is not about at being in an expensive dinner Sarova Whitesands hotel. It is all about getting to know a woman’s mind and spirit–and then her body.  "We’ll more readily trust your intentions if we feel seen and heard. When we feel appreciated and cherished, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by what you find between the sheets." Said a doctor at Kansas Hospital.

4. Take responsibility.

Occasionally, People do things that hurt one another in relationships. It’s inevitable. When feelings are hurt, we both need to take responsibility for our contributions. So, please take ownership of your share. Don’t say, “you’re too sensitive” or “you’re too critical.” If you’ve done something wrong, be open to discussing it. We’ll do the same. Let’s talk about the issues that come up and take responsibility for the emotions we feel—the highs, the lows, and everything in between.

5. Listen carefully, no fixing, no lies.

Most women like to talk a lot and it is known to talk a lot than twice what Men talk in a day. "We talk about our feelings, our friends, our day. Mostly, we talk about that stuff with our girlfriends. But sometimes, we like to share it all with our Men. We don’t always need a solution. Sometimes, we want you to just listen to us. Please don’t roll your eyes or interrupt. Please don’t offer your advice if we don’t ask for it. We know you want to help, but sometimes, just being a sounding board is enough. In return, we’ll listen to you with the same respect." added the Kansas Doctor.

In general, Women do need much tenderness but more confidence that there is a person who can listen even without acting. The most important thing nowadays is all about providing what is expected. Nowadays, both men and women work. All of them need to build a family. It is not guaranteed that women's' hands in the family will be available but all in all, it depends on with the head of the family.

Don't forget to live an independent life as a man. Women are easily pissed off when they find the man is not secure. It is really simple, when the women want to have her time, let it be there in plenty because arguing with them will make the matter worse.

Life is a matter of selecting the right choice. Do not stress yourself with an outgoing woman if you are not. The main character of a woman is she can think of so many (Questions)things which have the same answer. A man can think nothing while a woman cannot. A woman's mind occupies a lot of either necessary and unnecessary stuff while for a man can be little or Nothing if he is well off.[no-sidebar]

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