Deputy president at Mkapuni in Kilifi county inspecting rural electrification program. PHOTO | Courtesy PSCU
Deputy president at Mkapuni, Rabai in Kilifi county inspecting rural electrification program. PHOTO | Courtesy PSCU

If you belong to the coast region this is what you need to know before voting for your candidate in the next polls. If you did not know the reasons why the deputy president is always on the coast and especially in only three counties then let me tell you just a few reasons why the Government of the day should secure Coast region and the coast people should open their eyes.

 The main reason here is that the Jubilee wants to capture three main counties in the coast region. The counties are Mombasa, Kilifi, and Kwale. According to our sources, the three counties are termed as the resourceful counties within the Kenyan coast. The Mt. Kenya mafia secretly created a spy group in each of these counties to look for loopholes where they will invade after the general elections if they win.

The Mt Kenya leaders across the three counties are; Mr Waithaka who is based in Kilifi, Mr Paul Wachira based in Ukunda and a wife to the popular person in Mombasa who is a friend of the tourism cabinet secretary Najib Balala. These are the key people that are spying every move the coast politicians  make and the residents at large.

Governor Joho at a rally in Mombasa on his birthday date. PHOTO | Courtesy MPSCUThe Jubilee government does not like the politics of the Mombasa governor Hassan Joho and Kilifi Governor Amason Kingi because they always expose what they are planning for the residents. A good example is when governor Joho talked about the Kenya Ferry and Kenya Ports Authority tribal inequality crisis, the government tried to pin him down by closing all businesses he had.

Kenya ferry services lost key managers who are from the coast and from the top three position only one position was reinstated to a Coasterian. This happened during the one month President Visit at the Coast. Key Coasterians who were managers at KPA were also sent home and replaced by what everyone in the coast knows.  That was when the Mombasa governor was very angry and his statements led to withdrawn of his bodyguards.

The main agenda of making Coast region a jubilee zone is to create a way of enriching the few rich central people. One example is the rea Vipingo plantation that was given to the Kenyan Millionaire Chris Kirubi. I know most of the people from the coast lack updated information but the REA Vipingo lease expired way back 2002.  The government has not declared the land as public because they wanted to take all that land to their respective people and few loyal individual from the coast.

The only way of getting these problems away from the people from the coast is not to accept anything called Jubilee in the region because it is the only entrance to that small community. When a MCA get a seat with a Jubilee ticket, that will be a loophole for them to use in order to invade the community. Only people who can understand this will save their community from injustice quagmire. The one who will not understand these few examples has to wait for his/her land to be fenced/grubbed like what is currently happening in shariani and then shout "SERIKALI SAIDIA." It now or never.

People should vote wisely, not necessarily for NASA, but we have other political parties who have not abused others or leaders infringed other tribes like CCM, KADU ASILI, CHAPCHAP etc. So many things have happened without people knowing that it hurts the economy of a certain region. Let VOTE peacefully and remain United without injustice.

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