The Land Commissioner Mohammad Swazuri in court over a petition that involved graft allegations. PHOTO | Courtesy

The Land Commissioner Mohammad Swazuri in court over a petition that involved graft allegations.  The National Land commission chairman Mohammad Swazuri was fixed by former Journalist Mugo Njeru and accomplished the Secrets revealed out that some high profile people in the government are planning to remove him. The main aspect that made the Chairman be fixed started when he agreed to divide the Waitiki farm in Kwale.

According to our sources, he has been receiving constant threats about being kicked out of the commission.Some of the contentious areas where the Swazuri resolved the land issues while the Rich developers felt justice was denied them include; the Lamu Lappset land, Karen and Waitiki farm.

Through lawyer Tom Ojienda, Swazuri is apprehensive that unless Parliament is barred, he stands to suffer unconditional violations of his constitutional rights to fair legislative action, right to a fair hearing, protection against discrimination and right to human dignity amongst others.

While the poor people celebrate at least justice is getting to its course, some of the government officials are angry due to the loss of property due to high and constant stand.  Last December 19, Swazuri was allegedly paid Sh1 million in cash by Njeru through his conduit Bad'hili Elijah as a bribe

Former journalist Mugo Njeru has petitioned the committee to investigate criminal allegations of corruption and bribery against the NLC chief.

Njeru and his wife Edith Wairimu have cited Swazuri of demanding a bribe of Sh1.2 million to be counterbalanced for their land which the government procured for the Standard Gauge Railway project.

The threats he was receiving at a times felt like resigning but he got a push of fighting the land grabbers. It is also known that the directives of removing him out of office came from a very senior political person in the Government. Swazuri denied accepting the bribe.

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