#NipasheNa Uhuru.
President Kenyatta in an exclusive interview with Citizen TV. PHOTO | Courtesy

In the citizen television interview between TV news anchors Lulu Hassan and Kanze Dena with President Uhuru Kenyatta in the statehouse, the president outline what the government has done in the counties in Kenya. The jubilee government has a mandate to facilitate every project in the country to enable the country's population to be sustainable.

The President talked about youths unemployment. "The government has taken measures to control the unemployment. The only way that the government need to finish is by building enough infrastructure to every point in the country. This will enable everyone across the country to do business. That is why the government has taken initiative to distribute electricity everywhere." Said the head of state.

About the current abusive presentation in political rallies,  he said that everyone needs to do what he thinks is right and in line with the constitution. "National government projects are different from the county projects. So I'm only opening my state projects and have nothing like a bad intention to anybody. I'm the president of this country." said President Uhuru.

About corruption, the president urged Kenyans to be patient because fighting corruption is done by the independent bodies like the anti-corruption commission. "It is not the state work to look for who is corrupt and who is not according to the constitution," he added.

The president also talked about Jubilee party nominations.  " I have no favourite candidate to pose to the people for elections. What I always tell people is to elect somebody to the parliament, and the candidate must be worth and can bring change in the community. Then according to the peoples' wish, I will work with that person. I will not interfere with Jubilee primaries." Says the president.

Senator Mike Sonko allegations that the jubilee government has favourites candidates is all rumours. "We always work as a team so if for example Nairobi everyone wants to go the polls fine because it is their democratic right. I cannot dictate anything because it is not my mandate according to the constitution." He added.

" I felt so bad when the doctors were on strike but I did not have any mandate constitutional of talking to them. Because according to the constitution, the Doctors are under counties. Later, in December I took an initiative of inviting the young men to statehouse meeting within Christmas the period I held a meeting with the young men about the issue and we agreed to stop the strike and we talk about the matter while doctors are working but they refused." said the President.

Starting from the next parliament, there will be few changes as proposed by the wages commission. The Salaries and remuneration commission came up with some recommendations that will make the country to sustain the wage bill. "The SRC will harmonise all salaries starting in September. They will reduce the salaries so that people will feel included so that we will have no strikes anymore. The political line wages from the President to the MCA need to be in line with the public service wages from Director to a tea maker in a public office." Said the president.

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