The robot that was invented to satisfy men instead of chasing ladies  by Sergi Santos. PHOTO | David Moye
The woman robot invented which will satisfy Men instead of moving round with ladies on the street. The robot needs to romanced first the put finger on the mouth before the rest. PHOTO and STORY | Courtesy David Moye huffingtonpost

No need for looking s£xual intimacy and pleasure from Koinange street, Casablanca or any other street across the town. Barcelona-based engineer Sergi Santos has just created a s£x doll named “Samantha,” who is equipped with the latest advancements in artificial intelligence. The robot has approximately 90 percent of what the best natural human being(woman) would give on the bed.

“Basically she likes to be touched. She has different modes of interaction, she has romantic nature, she has family and she has also s£xy modes,she “likes” to be kissed while putting his finger in her mouth, in a manner that’s not awkward at all.” Santos told Ruptly TV.

“Normally she likes to be kissed always and also she responds to, basically, the G-spot and also the breasts, She also responds to the hands. But she has no guaranteed pleasure.” Said Santos.

The robot was programmed to want romance first, then get comfortable before getting s£xual.The main aim here is to satisfy the man who does not have to look for women even sometimes pay for ransom. “The objective, the final objective of the s£xual mode is to give her an orgasm,” said Santos.

 It is not clear at what cost will that doll be sold but a Chinese company was contracted to commercialize the invention. The doll will be at a cheaper price compared to African bride price but the only aspect remaining will be how the doll will be able to recognize touches and people's hands.

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