President Uhuru Kenyatta opens a new JAP office in Narok. PHOTO | Courtesy

President Uhuru Kenyatta talked tough on the JAP nominations that there will be no favour or any kind. Everyone will squarely face the Nomination wrath. Claims in the JAP ICT department revealed that some people have already given Nomination certificates and their names written in the JAP database.

Just a day after Raila Odinga gave a direct nomination certificates to some ODM leaders who do not have competitors on the ground, the president said that it is madness to give people certificates because they have been loyal to the party. The JAP has hit hard on corruption allegations on the heart of the government party.

The President has directed the secretariat led by Raphael Tuju to take action on the people who are suspected to be in the cartel. Some Governors, MCAs, Senators and Members of parliament obtained the certificates in the JAP backdoor.

The political leaders from the party have vowed to make the party in shambles if the President will not give out a clear way of doing nominations which will be directed by the Chair, Raphael Tuju. The party now buys small regional parties to make it more strong.The president is yet to make directives following a higher level meeting yesterday at the Jubilee Headquarters.

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