Kenya money. PHOTO | Courtesy The Star

People who sleep after midnight earn more money than people who sleep before that time. People who wake up after 8.00 am earn more money than the ones who wake up before that time. A study conducted by Southampton University show sleeping patterns affect your bank account.

The research that was done to 1300 people revealed that people who struggle to wake up in the morning after 8.00 am earns much then people who normally wake up before that time without an alarm clock.

The research also indicated that people who sleep after 11 Pm and wake up after 8.00Am are more intelligent and their future always becomes brighter when natured.People who go to bed after 11 pm and get up after 8 am generally earned more money and had a better lifestyle.

Parents should observe their children when they are going to school and the time they sleep always. According to the research, it was also indicated that polygamous families have more wealthy than monogamous families. "The wealthiest families in the world are polygamous." Said Dr Schaule Feur, a lecturer at the university.

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