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"Teens want to be taught how to have s£x in a good way." APHR Research denotes

According to the research done by Associate Professional in Human Resources (APHR) shows that six out of Ten teens between the age of 12-18 years have had sex more than once. The research comes after the Deputy president said that each child who is pregnant must be known the source. Homabay and Siaya tops in youth involving in s£x.

The organisation conducted a research in four counties. Mombasa, Homabay, Nairobi and Siaya were among the counties that the research was conducted. The youth from these counties shocked the researchers because they wanted to know more about how to do s£x in a better way than being controlled.

The majority of the Teens who were among the respondents said that the act is for everyone and by restricting them will make the matters worse. According to the research, 70% of Teens in the country of between 12-18 have had s£x while 10% of the youth between 20- 25 years have not indulged in S£xual activities.

The main things that have participated to the increase are the parents being busy. Both parents work and leave their children unattended. Another thing that contributed to the pandemic is about poverty. Youth nowadays do it to in order to survive the current situations.

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