People in Kenya are carrying too much staff than expected. Both physical and mental. Kenyan Economy is going in the bad side. Politicians should not celebrate this. PHOTO | Courtesy REUTERS/Rupak De Chowdhuri

It has been very difficult to convince people on what the Government has done because the Majority of Kenyans have become poorer than they were five years ago.  That is the main reason the Jubilee introduced the Public information Portal so that Kenyans see what it has done in a portal.

The Government has introduced the real delivery of failure as what the critics mock. According to the political Analyst Prof Edward Waswa Kisiang'ani, he contrasted what was there in the former President Mwai Kibaki regime and now. He said that country is now in preparation to be sold if the debts and cost of living will not be constrained.

In 2013 and in 2017, Prices were as follows for the main commodities; Milk(Ksh 40) to Ksh 70, Sugar (Ksh 80) to 150, Unga (Ksh 70) to Ksh 180, Electricity (Ksh 13 per unit) to Ksh 18, Parrafin (Ksh 50) to 80, Water 20lts (Ksh 3) to Ksh 20 even school fees rose from KSH 7000 for day secondary schools to Ksh 15000 and Ksh 26000 to Ksh 55000 for Boarding schools respectively. The National debt rose from 1 Trillion to 4.3 Trillion, Job lost rate rose from 2% to 60% due to Company and Small/ Medium scale businesses closure and that brought to an inflate rate of 10% from 3% in 2013.

Because of lack of better words, the government introduced the portal where the majority of Kenya can assess mobile phones for calls and text but not data. Kenya is considered to have approximately 25 Million people with handheld devices for communication. A quarter of it surf using different service providers.

"If people cannot see the development record in their respective areas and are languishing in poverty, purporting to be good in a portal will not help. Even the majority of people do not even understand what is a portal. So the government has two things to tell people. To define a portal then to defend track record" Prof Kisiang'ani said.

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