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The "tyranny of numbers" nicknamed political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi admitted that the only way other tribes will get a chance to feel the government is by voting for the NASA coalition. Ngunyi said that the next presidential winner will testify. "If President Uhuru Kenyatta forms the next government, there will be no or little chances of endorsing a person outside Kalenjin or Kikuyu in the 2022 elections." Said Ngunyi.

"The other regions will wait for the next 15 years if President Uhuru Kenyatta will form the next Government. I have no feel for the price of Unga actual I don't know the price. In central and majority Rift valley  people have no problem with the price of Unga because it is highland everything is available because they don't depend much on rains." Says Ngunyi.

" For Musalia Mudavadi(ANC), Kalonzo Musyoka (Wiper), Moses Wetangula (Ford-K), Isaac Ruto(CCM) or any other who wants to become president like Hassan Joho (Mombasa), Farah Maalim (North-eastern) name them will not taste that office if President Kenyatta will make the next government. Because Central and Rift Valley know the importance of voting and will vote in large numbers to overtake all the other six regions unless the rest wake up from the deep sleep. People will continue enjoying the meat as they discard matters about voting." he added.

As he was still explaining on the tyranny of numbers, another political analyst Barack Muluka seconded the statements made by Mutahi Ngunyi and added, "People should only know that only rich people from Central and rift valley are trying to hide whatever they did since independence, not the poor. The poor people are innocent and are used to defend the rich. Take an example of the people at Mpeketoni, they were displaced in Kirinyaga only to let the rich people take their shambas and now they look like IDPs. "

"The only way of safeguarding the poor and have equally distributed resources across the country is by making sure the state goes to different regions only in every election. Kenyans must know that the backstops on their votes on august. What do you do for a governor who maks life difficult in your county?  You vote him or her out and choose someone responsibly and it continues every election year. What do you do for a president who has made life difficult across Kenya? Same applies." Added Muluka.

From the political analysts, it shows if NASA makes the next government then there will be a relief from the other tribes in Kenya because people from grassroots will be out of the Tribal and political bondage. Tribalism is brought by people who preach not to be tribalistic and at the same time, they practice it at the background adding more people from their regions only to form their respective structures. Leaders who preach peace while they hold machete and guns are the ones preparing tribalism.

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