Dr. Issa Chipera was today endorsed by the Kaya elders as the preferred candidate for the Kwale gubernatorial position at Kinondo, Kwale. Dr. Chipera who was the man behind the incumbent Salim Mvurya in 2013 broke the ice after Mvurya ditched ODM to Jubilee.

Dr. Chipera hand picked Governor Mvurya and rallied behind him, fully financial support until he won the gubernatorial post-2013. After he ditched the ODM party, the elders approached Dr. Chipera to run for the seat through ODM ticket after Ambassador Ali Mwakwere failed the ODM test in the politics of the south coast region.

 The elders from Digo sub-tribe and Duruma sub-tribe gathered together and suggest to rally behind Dr. Issa Chipera as he is the favorite by the people among three aspirants.

The resident termed Mwakwere as a political reject and he is not in the race as expected. The tough race will be between Dr. Chipera and the incumbent governor Salim Mvurya.

Dr. Issa Chipera will be looked forward by the kaya elders and different people from Kwale to unseat the current governor and said that the county is an ODM zone. Mvurya ditched ODM with Msambweni Mp Rashid Mwashetani. Both are expected to go home in the next elections. 

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