For any super star in the world to hit 25 years in the lime light, is such a big achievement. Hence for Shah Rukh Khan three months ago he had to unveil a fully biograph in his name that was expressing his own story inside the Bollywood industry. But that effort and hard work he had been producing out through Bollywood as an Actor, Director and TV host. Has brought with him major positive feedbacks.

Shah Rukh Khan Photo during a Bollywood  past event | Courtesy of Facebook
Shah Rukh Khan Durinf a Bollywood past event.
Photo| Courtesy of facebook.
Apart from being loved by his fans worldwide, his income also has been for years increasing parallel with his fame. Forbes had to encounter him as the most successful Bollywood star ever lived, with an estimate earnings of up to Rs 257.5 crores in front of his collogues Salman Khan followed by Amitabh Bachchan who topped a trail list of about 68 Indian Celebrities ranges from Sports, Music artist and so forth.

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