Ezekiel Mutua along the watershed. PHOTO | Courtesy

Ezekiel Mutua' KFCB has won the case in Court against the Media companies following a case filed for allowing and showing inappropriate content to the People and more specific to the children.

The Kenya Film Classification Board’s (KFCB) under Ezekiel Mutua has registered a major victory against the advertising and alcohol industry after the court barred advertisements targeted at adults only during family time.

The Constitutional Court this week ruled that beer, betting, and gambling, condoms or any other adverts containing scenes, images or language intended for adults will not be aired during the watershed period between 5 am and 10 pm.

“We expect no beer advert to be on our screens by the end of the week,” he said immediately after the ruling. “All advertisements on free to air television stations and other public audio-visual displays that were produced without obtaining a filming license from KFCB as required under Section 2 of Cap222 must stop airing immediately and should be submitted for approval by the board in line with the law.”

The ruling on alcohol ads is a landmark ruling which aims at protecting children from exposure to adult content.

The ruling has brought sanity on advertising sector, ensuring right advert are advised at the right time. The media advertisers should think on how they will air the products.

Media houses should respect the ruling and stop airing beer and betting ads during the watershed period.

Adverts targeting at adults only should not be aired during the watershed period as what the KFCB went to court and won. Let the Media companies honor the court ruling. 

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