Jaguar gets the Nomination certificate outside the JAP offices. PHOTO | Courtesy

The cry fouls on the face of Maina Kamanda as the Kenyan artist Charles Njagua famously known as Jaguar claimed votes irregularities in the last nominations. The artist was declared the winner yesterday after the Jubilee tribunal declined the request given by the Jubilee die hard, former Starehe Mp Maina Kamanda.

Just from the cry seen by President Uhuru Kenyatta and the supporters, our sources claim that the president said that the ticket was to be given to Jaguar because of the strong support or else the Jubilee will lose the seat.

The presidents' hand in the wrangles between the Artist and  Kamanda made some supporters claim that the majority will move out of the party due to inefficiency democracy.

Jaguar protested results that found incumbent Maina Kamanda the winner with 10,374 votes against his 8,391.

He rejected repeat polls, refused to negotiate with Kamanda who was ready for dialogue and staged a protest at Jubilee headquarters on Saturday.

"We don't want negotiations ...I will not sit down with anyone and will not go back to the elections, I am not ready to talk to him (Kamanda). Democracy is not about negotiation." Jaguar said.

"The only conflict we have is the fact that he stole my votes, but if he was to apologise for that, I have no problem with him," the singer said.

Party secretary general Raphael Tuju called for a fresh tally and told the musician's supporters, who had camped at the headquarters, that the certificate would only be issued to the winner.

From the fresh tally, Jaguar emerged the winner with a difference of a thousand votes. The artist has called for Maina Kamanda to apologise to the public that he stole votes in order for them to continue with the jubilee party journey.

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