The Mombasa to Kilifi highway is impassable following the washed away bridge at Mbogolo and overflowing waters at Kwakadzengo seasonal lake in Kikambala.
Mombasa- Kilifi highway. PHOTO | Courtesy

In Kilifi, the road from Mombasa to Kilifi is impassable following the washed away bridge at Mbogolo. The seasonal lake at Kwakadzengo in Kikambala has blocked the highway following overflow covered.

Road users have been cautioned against speeding because of the status of the road.

People from Kilifi to Bamba also experience the same at Sokoke following another stream which has overridden another bridge near petanguo.  The rains have been rampant in the area and according to the weather forecast department, it is expected to extend until the end of this month.

Kilifi-Bamba road is imapasable. PHOTO | Courtesy

The Road have been expected to use the Mavueni- Kaloleni road instead of the Kilifi- Takaungu route.

According to the KerRa, the bridges and the are not things to rely on and advised people who see waters over such scenarios to avoid passing or trying to cross.

At Kaloleni- Mazeras Highway, the Kombeni bridge was also overflowing locking the county from accessing Mombasa. The rains have weakened the bridge and advised road users with heavy and big trucks to wait until the situation is resolved.

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