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A Luo student at Pwani University took the social media at the coast by storm after he posted on the University Facebook page claiming that the Mijikenda especial Wagiriama are fools and "Danda Heads". The Student did not stop there but went ahead in a popular club in Kilifi and added that the only "Useless sub-tribe" in the Bantu ethnolinguistic Tribe is the Mijikenda.

Bantus in Kenya include; the Kikuyu, Kamba, Meru, Mijikenda, Luhya, Taita and Pokomo. Other university students from the Bantu communities claimed that students to apologise to all Bantus and especially to Mijikenda.

From the post and as one of the student leaders at Pwani University, people suggested that it will better to vote back to Bantus rather than the people from the Lakeside(Nilotes).

People have been told to be careful on what they post on social media as it has a very big impact in the National development. Kilifi County Commissioner Joseph Keter urged people to live in harmony without pointing fingers.

" This is Mijikenda Land and we must agree that respect is not sold. Kilifi county is 98% Mijikenda and we need to make sure we live in harmony. Elections are on the way so if we start regrouping into community-based saying, this is a Bantu that is Nilote the other is Cushite then, that young man needs to be checked if he is normal." Said County Commissioner Joseph Keter.

Some of his post is below.

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