NASA principles in Isiolo as they welcomed in huge numbers. PHOTO | Courtesy

The NASA team took the campaigns to Isiolo where they got 10 MCAs and others leaders jumping from Jubilee to NASA. Led by the Former Parliament Deputy Speaker Farah Maalim who will vie for the Garissa Township MPto unseat Adan Duale said that the people of Isiolo and North-Eastern, in general, are in NASA to stay.

A huge crowd came to listen to all principles in their agenda of uniting Kenyans and provide their promises to the people of Isiolo.

For a county plagued with poor education facilities, perennial drought, and border insecurity - a NASA government pledges equitable infrastructure investment, adequate devolved funds and a secure, stable place to live.

"We remain sensitive to the pastoralist economic mainstay in the region and commit to offering extension services and source markets so that the residents can live a decent life from their historical socio-economic activities." said the NASA flag bearer Raila Odinga.

The huge crowds praised the NASA coalitions as the only future and hope for Kenya than Jubilee. Jubilee government has failed through massive looting and lie to the public through their heads of departments and ministry as depicted in Isiolo.

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