Raila and Kalonzo on a retreat at Vipingo ridge. PHOTO | Courtesy

The August polls will be a two horse race which has not happened since the advent of Multi-partyism. The coalition has 10M votes as registered by the IEBC from the NASA strongholds.

Raila Odinga on Citizen Television interview with Hussein Mohammed claimed that NASA has 10 Million votes from its strongholds.

The coalition is a home of all Kenyans who feel pressured by the government following raised living standard.  "We have scrutinized the numbers and are certain that we have them out of the 19M registered voters.

The government will ensure that it secure convictions for people involved in corruption. "There is evidence on the NYS, Eurobond, Youth fund etc.  Where are the convictions? The convictions are supposed to be initiated and back up by the state or political leaders.

"EACC is a joke and it is corrupt.  They play political games and when we enter our government as agreed by the political parties under NASA umbrella we will overhaul it." Said Raila Odinga.

"If we brought house rent down in Kibra why not to the whole country? We will do it again because we want our people to live a comfortable life."

"In 2003 as a roads minister, I found the cost of constructing roads was at 50 Million per Kilometer and I brought it to 25 Million. After all that, now it is at 200Million per KM." added Odinga.

The Government that they will form will be an inclusive state and the main aim will be making life better for the common person. Managing people expectation will be the only agenda just from the first 90 days not like jubilees' 100 days.

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