NASA principals on a retreat at Vipingo ridge. PHOTO | Courtesy
Raila Odinga went on a head to head with the Citizen TV presenter Hussein Mohammed in an interview conducted at his Karen home. The former prime minister talked about issues surrounding the NASA coalition. The moist important part was about the Memorandum of Understanding signed between the Coalition parties. He vowed to stick to the MOU and he will be a one-term president.

The NASA government under Raila Odinga regime will be able to subsidize the farming and basic commodities in the Kenyan Market. Raila Odinga said that in 90 days the cost of food and rent will go down substantial.

The Cost of basic commodities will be stable and mostly the Government will be in the face of the Kenya. The distribution of resources will be equally in all regions despite votes garnered.

The Opposition leader claimed that his government will provide an equitable share of resources in the counties and raise to an equal ratio. The Government will raise divide the County resources equally as compared to the Jubilee government at 20-30 percent.

The cost of shelter will be lowered due to standardizing the rate at which the cities landlords do not have a managerial renting ceiling. He said that by engaging them in the government projects and talking with them then the rent will definitely come down because it has worked in Malasia. His government will control most of the basic functions and goods to benefit the common person at the grassroots.

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