The upcoming tower in Nairobi.. PHOTO | Joseph Ogolla

In Nairobi, land business has been the only booming business in the city. People have been robbed without violence during the day with the so called agents. The Nairobi land has been in a controversial contest with both politicians and cartels. The majority of the businesses in Nairobi involved land issues.

"It goes further than that. In reality, the only good deal for personal housing in Nairobi is renting. Even building your own house now you have to go to a neighbouring county to get a good price on the land. Real estate in Nairobi now is a game that can only be played by investment groups, illegal money and people with more money than they know what to do with".  A media personality Caroline Mutuku explained.

People have been going out of Nairobi to seek shelter because of the high cost of rent made by the Landlords due to the high cost of building materials and land levies. The government has been squeezing the landlords with land rents reached an optimal state where it unworthy to built a house and rent.

The cost of land has gone to the ceiling and majority of investors have relocated to either Kiambu, Kajiado or Machakos. Now cartels are everywhere getting at least a coin from the empty ordinary Kenyan. Is it possible that the government can do something to reduce the cost of Renting houses and building?

Thinks that the government can do to ease the pressure and pocket of the ordinary Kenyan through land and shelter issues.

The Government should reduce tax for the building materials manufacturers which include; Cement factories, Steel, Iron and PVC firms. The government could also subsidise the common building essentials and regulate them. Land rates should be reduced to a negotiated rate which will make the landlords be happy. The government should do a land audit and offer land evaluation procedures so that cartels will have no chance to rob ordinary Kenyans.

Which government can do that as it benefits from the cartels? If reducing food commodities is a problem what about the Multi-billion land and building industry? The government that support and feel its people must subsidise basic domestic components which are divided into Shelter, Food and clothing. The only way of reducing the basic components is b by increasing the cost of luxury. Things like alcohol, cars, jets, electronics and many more secondary and tertiary commodities that do not have a direct effect to the ordinary Kenyan should be taxed heavily inversely proportional to the basic things. 

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