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The companies working conditions in Kenya have continuously deteriorated. The main factor is the Jubilee terrible conditions of doing business in the country led by the high cost of production.

Some of the companies that have shut down in Kenya or retrenching staffs mainly due to the jubilee regime poor and terrible business working conditions include;

  1.     Soft Drink manufacturer, Coca-Cola is trimming and shut down some branches.
  2.    Nakumatt holdings Ltd has also closed its 20 branches countrywide and 5 from Nairobi only.
  3.     Kenya Airways has plans of shedding more after the first phase of 1200 employees.
  4.     Eco bank Ltd retrenched 500 staffs.
  5.     Family Bank retrenched 300 staffs and is planning to close some of its branches countrywide.
  6.     Sidian Bank formerly known as K-Rep, KCB group and cooperative Banks are retrenching more than 1000 employees.
  7.     Sameer Africa closed down the company and relocated to India.
  8.     Toyota Kenya sheds 200 employees.
  9.     Eveready East Africa closed down since September and now they import from their mother company in Egypt.
  10.     Chocolate makes Cadbury shutdown in September 2014 and now imports from their mother company.
  11.     East African Portland Cement will retrench 1000 employees out of 1500 by the end of next month.
  12.     Postal corporation popularly known as Posta Kenya laid off 2000 employees and yet to send home more this year.
  13.     Telcom Kenya has announced to send home 600 out of 1600 employees by end of next month.
  14.     Mumias Sugar closed down and Nzoia is on the way of closing down their operations.
  15.     Kenya Meat commission has laid off 120 employees.
  16.     Oserian LTD laid off more 500 employees due to low European Market demands from Kenya and the high cost of production.
  17.     Other companies that closed down include; Hong Kong Shanghai Banking corporation, Reckitt and Benckiser, Procter and gamble, Bridgestone, Unilever, Johnsons Ltd etc relocated to Egypt and others south Africa.

Companies which set their subsidiary plants or to set its firms in Kenya include;

  1.     Volkswagen company established its Kenyan operations last year and only 11 units are working out of 25.
  2.      Huawei technologies to set up next year.
  3.     Volvo to set up next year.

 Comparing the number of big companies that have closed down with the number of companies opening up in Kenya is terribly disappointing. This has led to confusion in statehouse about how they will explain this to the public as now its election time.

According to our sources, a document signed by the Jubilee party secretary general outlined the new campaign strategies which will evade and calm voters especially from their strongholds.

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