DP William Ruto in Mandera pushing Jubilee agenda. PHOTO | Courtesy PSCU

 Due to the increase in food prices and cost of living, a human activist from the Coast decided to get down to the bottom of the matter from the statements made by the president and deputy president concerning the crisis. He decided to write a letter to the president.

Dear President Uhuru Kenyatta,

In the 2013/2014 FY (Jubilee’s maiden budget), Jubilee allocated Ksh8 billion for on-going irrigation projects; Ksh 2 billion for Agri-Business, Ksh 3.6 billion for Galana-Kulalu irrigation.

In 2014/2015, Jubilee allocated KSh. 9.5 billion towards on-going irrigation projects. This included KSh.3.5 billion for the Galana-Kulalu; KSh.3 billion for inputs subsidy including fertiliser; KSh.2.7 billion for Strategic Grain Reserves.

In 2015/2016, Jubilee allocated KSh 13.8 billion for irrigation, comprising of Ksh 10.3 billion for the National Irrigation Board, KSh 3.5 billion for Galana-Kulalu, KSh 3.0 billion for inputs subsidy; KSh 2.7 billion for the Strategic Grain Reserves.

In the 2016/2017, Jubilee allocated Ksh 20.8 billion for on-going irrigation projects, Ksh 4.9 billion to subsidise fertiliser and seeds, Ksh 1.6 billion for Strategic Food Reserves.

In 2017/2018, Jubilee claimed it has rehabilitated and expanded national irrigation schemes by more than 27,000 acres between 2013 and 2016. It allocated Ksh 4.1 billion to subsidise fertiliser, Ksh 1.3 billion for the strategic grain reserves; and Ksh 0.1 billion for mechanisation of agriculture.

The questions I wish Jubilee to make clear to Kenyans are: After spending all these billions, how did we end up without food? Where did the money go? What have we been irrigating and what Strategic Food Reserves have we been financing?

Yours sincerely,

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