Ken Nyale on his campaigns for the senatorial bid in Kilifi County. PHOTO | Courtesy

Kennedy James Nyale Mato famously known as Ken Nyale is a senatorial aspirant in Kilifi county. He has helped many people in Kilifi south and in the county at large, especially in the education sector. He has sponsored several students both primary and secondary levels as well as sponsor sports in Kilifi.

Kennedy Nyale went Ziani primary school. In 1983 he made a history of hopping from std5-std7 avoiding the 8-4-4 education system. Later joined Ribe boys for KCSE and Kenyatta Mwatate Boys for KACE.

He is an Ex-Air force soldier, a holder of HND electrical engineering- Electronics choice from Mombasa Polytechnic(Technical University of Mombasa), HND in Sales Management and Marketing and holds as well a Bachelor of commerce degree in Management option.

Ken Nyale on his campaigns for the senatorial bid in Kilifi County. PHOTO | CourtesyHe works for an international Electrical Power protection company (Vector international LTD) in Nairobi which is a subsidiary of Emerson Network Power UK as a groups' corporate sale Manager. The 40 years old senatorial aspirant, has demonstrated his skills with commemorative addresses, talks in Political podiums and enlightened arguments before the public.

While he could stir the hearts and emotions of the audiences, his addresses are carefully reasoned contentions. The majority of his arguments and speeches intellectual from his Christianity religion as a way of being a trusted, honest, faithful leader and supported by the books of the holy bible.

Nyale started his political career in 2015 to become the next Kilifi senator through an ODM ticket.Due to lack of democracy and party leadership wrangles in Kilifi ODM secretariat, he decamped to Jubilee party. It was a hard and hectic decision but he had no choice by then.

Ken Nyale on his campaigns for the senatorial bid in Kilifi County. PHOTO | CourtesyBefore he got to politics, he has been able to sponsor many people to achieve their dreams. He has been paying fees for needy children across the county. Assisted youths in achieving their dreams through intellectual community activities. Helped by his colleagues, he managed to donate food, water, clothes and basic stuff.

He has been supporting youth groups and Chamas across the county with finance and knowledge. The skills given helped many young people in nurturing their talents and flourish in their respective businesses. He is a future-oriented leader with the zeal of making Kilifi county great.

Youths are the leaders of tomorrow as always said by the Old people but in his spirit leadership starts when you are able to control others and provide better services and empower everyone.  Empowering youths through community projects initiate economic growth in the county hence increase economic stability levels.

He takes Charismatic leadership style and relies on appeals and persuasiveness. Because of his powerful oratory, an engaging personality and consistent commitment to bring positive change in thousands of people across the county, he deserves to be supported in order to reach everyone. He has intellectual capacity and skills to drive the economy of Kilifi county into the greater heights.

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